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Who's Jim?
Grab a cup of coffee and join me for a one-minute read...

I'm Jim Terrell and photography is my long-time passion. In fact, I'm so crazy about it that I take a minimum of three cameras with me at all times, each one is loaded with different film. I just can't stand to miss out on photo opportunities.


My photography journey began decades ago in the late 1970s when I was taking snapshots with an Eastman Kodak Instamatic. One Christmas my wife surprised me with an Olympus OM-G and I was hooked. After that I graduated to an OM-10, then an OM-2, an OM-3, and finally, an OM-4. That's where I found perfect satisfaction. To say I love the OM-4 is an understatement since I happen to own six of them! 


Over the years people have asked me why I never switched to digital photography. The answer is that I appreciate film's ability to capture a more authentic image.


As to my professional training, I've gained the majority of it through trial and error with a tremendous amount of practice. Other than that, I took one course through the New York Institute of Photography.


For many years my wife (now deceased) and I were wedding photographers, and we also shot vast amounts of film for 40 years while hiking the Pacific and Western U.S. with a backpack full of camera gear.

Did you finish your coffee? Thanks for stopping in! 

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